How to become an empowered stay at home mum

Think being a stay at home mum disempowers you as a woman? Think again! Learn why being the primary carer and a full-time mom could be the best decision you make and discover ten inspirational tips to help you thrive in your SAHM life, postpartum, baby blues and beyond.

Why Does Motherhood Feel So Lonely?

Why is motherhood so lonely? Why do mums lose their identity? How do you deal with loneliness and find yourself again after motherhood? Understand why motherhood can be so lonely and learn what you can do to find your sense of belonging.

Matrescence 101: What it is, why it matters and how to thrive in it

Learn about the important transition into motherhood known as ‘matrescence’. Understand what might come up for you during this extraordinary time and, most importantly, how you can not merely survive this huge shift in identity – you can truly thrive in it too. Matrescence is different from postpartum depression (PPD), postpartum anxiety (PPA) or the baby blues. It is a postpartum experience that new mums go through in the fourth trimester as they adjust to their new life as a mother.