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The Ultimate Sleep Regression Guide

Sleep regression in babies and toddlers can be so hard to handle. One minute, your baby is in a predictable routine, the next minute their sleep is all over the place and you’re pulling your hair out at 2am! Discover the facts about sleep regression including why and when it happens. Plus, get my top gentle sleep tips to help you survive and your baby thrive.

Matrescence 101: What it is, why it matters and how to thrive in it

Learn about the important transition into motherhood known as ‘matrescence’. Understand what might come up for you during this extraordinary time and, most importantly, how you can not merely survive this huge shift in identity – you can truly thrive in it too. Matrescence is different from postpartum depression (PPD), postpartum anxiety (PPA) or the baby blues. It is a postpartum experience that new mums go through in the fourth trimester as they adjust to their new life as a mother.

The Ultimate Guide To Reusable Nappies

Check out my ultimate guide to reusable nappies to help you make the switch. Includes everything you need to know about modern cloth nappies such as washing cloth nappies, cloth nappies vs disposable, how to use cloth nappies and so much more. With FREE printable quick wash guide!